Random Reader Comment: OC competes with San Diego as the worst jurisdiction in the state for drug charges. (the golden frog, Oct. 2)

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Death Becomes a White Supremacist
It took almost 12 minutes for Superior Court Judge Frank F. Fasel to summarize Billy Joe Johnson’s extensive rap sheet and mention a few mitigating factors before finding Nov. 23 that the Costa Mesa-bred white-supremacist gangster’s 30-year spree of crimes “substantially warrant” the ultimate punishment: death. What could possibility mitigate the killing of five people? Fasel said he considered that Johnson loves his mother, once refused an Aryan Brotherhood prison order to kill his cellmate, focused his violence on other criminals, spent more than half of his life incarcerated, grew up without a father who had abandoned the family, began abusing drugs and alcohol at the age of 10, and that several females vouch that Johnson is a sweetheart. But after denying a motion to modify the jury’s death-sentence recommendation earlier in the month, the judge told the killer—who leaned back in his chair, sporting his customary Mohawk, wrinkled white button-down shirt, khakis, white sneakers and body chains, while sucking on his few remaining teeth—“You shall be put to death.” Bonnie Miller, the mother of one of Johnson’s homicide victims, said afterward, “I’ve got a lot of emotions. This will make the community a safer place for all of us, but it doesn’t change what he’s done.” (RSM)

Trevor Keen
So how was the Li'l Sheriff?
Trevor Keen
So how was the Li'l Sheriff?

Random Reader Comment: The execution backlog in California is massive: more than 650 inmates. . . . Very sad. (Sal, Nov. 23)

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Mothers Against Nickelodeon Launches
Orange-based moms Kristine Simon and Janelle Maluenda launched the Mothers Against Nickelodeon (The MAN), which is critical of the cable channel’s marketing to children, on Dec. 3. The MAN website informs that the group will boycott “until Nickelodeon creates a mission statement that includes a public affirmation of parents and family, stops undermining parents, and ceases to claim to ‘empower’ children, when in reality they are turning them into consumers, and until the network agrees to promote excellence in childhood by eliminating the use of farts, boogers, belching, rehab, pinup ads, rotten role models, lingerie and other forms of risque programming to create Us vs. Them rivalry.” Maluenda explains elsewhere on the site that her crusade was born out of her own Chapman University studies of advertising and how manipulative it is. (MC)

Random Reader Comment: I 100 percent agree with those moms. When my buddies and I go out every night to pick up hookers, do intravenous drugs and commit crimes against people whose lifestyles differ from our own, I need to know that the babysitter (i.e., the television) is teaching my children good moral values. Fart, booger and belching jokes are simply unacceptable—and I simply don’t have the time to actually take care of/supervise my children. Everything my children do wrong is obviously someone else’s fault—and the culprit is television! Oh, and blacks, Mexicans and gays (that’s what my church says). (Jack, Dec. 2)

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