Random Reader Comment: It’s understandable why the rat-wingers or libtards in this thread would not be into these demonstrations. . . . I mean, they are not burning American flags nor sh!tting on them, nor are they hanging American soldiers in effigy nor calling for them to kill their superior officers. . . . I mean, come on now: Where’s the good, ol’ patriot dissent like that? (Tom, April 17)

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Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office Catfight
Something rare happened here on April 17: Usually in lockstep, Orange County law enforcement bitterly split ranks. Specifically, the Orange County district attorney’s office sparked a public feud with local sheriff’s deputies, whom prosecutors believe sabotaged their just-ended excessive-force case against Deputy Christopher David Hibbs. The DA accused deputies of developing sudden, severe cases of amnesia on the witness stand, resulting in an 11-1 vote for acquittal. Wayne J. Quint, head of the Association of Orange County Sheriffs Deputies, called the accusations “an insult to all law-enforcement personnel across this state and nation.” Then he demanded Rackauckas immediately issue a public apology for his office’s “slanderous statements regarding ethical and law-abiding law-enforcement officers and that a code of silence exists at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.” Calling Rackauckas spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder an “underachiever,” Quint also demanded she resign because she has “no intelligent understanding of what law-enforcement officers do day-in and day-out.” (RSM)

Orly Taitz: Obsessed
Trevor Keen
Orly Taitz: Obsessed
Brotherhood of Eternal Blog
Trevor Keen
Brotherhood of Eternal Blog

Random Reader Comment: Susan or the deputies? Hmmmm. I’ve got $5,000 for ringside seats. (Purple Channel, April 18)

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Defending Klanaheim
A May 11 Los Angeles Times story by Tony Barboza telling the world Anaheim is now majority-Latino drew derision from many Latino Anaheimers. “Latinos have not always felt entirely at home in Anaheim, which was founded as a colony of German farmers in 1857 and has a history of racial tension,” wrote Barboza. “In the 1920s, four Ku Klux Klan members were elected to the City Council and briefly took control of the government, earning the city an uncomfortable nickname: ‘Klanaheim.’” Stop right there. Mentioning that the Klan controlled Anaheim, even staged a 10,000-strong rally in the city, is the easy jab people always employ against Anaheim specifically and Orange County in general whenever they want to describe us as fundamentally racist. But the Klan’s time in Anaheim had little to do with suppressing Latinos, who, as “a group, the Klan totally ignored,” wrote Christopher N. Cocoltchos in his essay “The Invisible Empire and the Search for the Orderly Community: The Ku Klux Klan in Anaheim, California,” part of the anthology The Invisible Empire In the West: Toward a New Historical Appraisal of the Ku Klux Klan In the 1920s. To mention Klanaheim as a key moment in Anaheim’s racist history, then, is not only lazy, but also flat-out wrong. (GA)

Random Reader Comment: Gustavo, don’t forget another one of the (obvious) reasons the Klantards never messed with the Mexicans: because the racist idiots knew a REAL showdown between the two parties would have resulted mostly in a lot of ugly, smelly, shredded-sheet-and-blood-filled stains and potholes in the OC pavement, long before the cavalry could have gotten there. (qdpsteve, May 15)

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Steve Rocco Sentenced in College Ketchup Heist
The Partnership scored yet another victory May 26 when Judge Jacki Brown of the Quentin Tarantino Justice Center sentenced former Orange school trustee Steve Rocco to two years of probation for his September 2008 theft of a non-refrigerated, half-empty bottle of ketchup from a Chapman University cafeteria. The spectacular arrest was Rocco’s second run-in with the Partnership—the cabal made up of Albertsons, Kodak Corp. and Smokecraft Sausage that secretly controls Orange County government. The first was in 1980, when he was arrested for shoplifting several rolls of Kodak film and a sausage at a Santa Ana Albertsons supermarket. The harsh sentence—which will prevent Rocco from picking up his favorite periodical, the campus newspaper The Panther—marks the end of Rocco’s epically stupid trial for petty theft. Rocco had issued subpoenas to dozens of alleged witnesses to the event, including this writer, and submitted a rambling, typewritten brief that, among other things, asserted he was recycling the bottle, hypothesized that unrefrigerated ketchup is worthless and stipulated he has never used any condiments whatsoever. (NS)

Random Reader Comment: None. The Partnership got to everyone.

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Mike Duvall In Bed With Lobbyist . . . No, Literally In Bed
In July—two days after Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and Republican leader Sam Blakeslee put Assemblyman Mike Duvall on the Rules Committee that oversees member ethics—the second-term, conservative, Yorba Linda Republican sat in a public hearing and vividly described lewd details about his trysts with a female lobbyist whose clients had business before another committee on which Duvall sits. Speaking to relatively mum Assemblyman Jeff Miller (R-Mission Viejo), seated to his left, Duvall apparently had no idea his dais microphone became live beginning about a minute before the start of a cable-televised committee hearing as he detailed an ongoing extramarital affair. The married father of two mentioned his mistress’ unmentionables (“little eye-patch underwear”), how often they had made love (“a lot!”), how much he enjoys spanking her (“Yeah, I like it”), what he told her about why he spanked her (“Because you’re such a bad girl!”) and other intimate details (“She’s all, ‘I am going up and down the stairs, and you’re dripping out of me!’ So messy!”). The last line quickly became part of colorful Sacramento political lore, and Duvall put up a defiant front the night the story broke. But he resigned from office the next day, after those who’d been his most ardent supporters demanded he do so. The woman he’d boasted to Miller about was apparently a lobbyist for Sempra Energy. Sources later claimed Duvall had also been caught in a compromising position with a former staffer-turned-fund-raiser for Linda Ackerman, the Republican who tried to win the Assembly seat Duvall abandoned. Ackerman, whose former Senate Republican leader husband Dick originally convinced Duvall to run for state office, lost her election bid. (RSM)

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