The Wizard of Oz

Art Theatre

She’s been named one of the greatest female stars in the history of American cinema, inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and, last month, Judy Garland was declared the top female gay icon of all time. How could anyone be that amazing? She started out performing vaudeville with her sisters as a teenager—which helped land her the ultimate role of a lifetime as Dorothy Gale (that was thisclose to being given to Shirley Temple). Nevermind the nasty rumors surrounding the film’s making, or the severe troubles Garland dealt with in her adult life that led up to her untimely and accidental death; for an hour and 41 minutes, The Wizard of Oz makes everything in this world just absolutely perfect.
Fri., Jan. 1, noon; Sun., Jan. 3, 11:30 a.m., 2010
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