Last month, Davert, Amante and the rest of the council voted to banish Gavello from her three unpaid committee assignments: the Newport Bay Watershed Executive Committee, Santa Ana River Flood Protection Agency and the Water Advisory Committee of Orange County. They offered no reason for doing so, and gave her assignments to Councilman John Nielson, who will have to play a quick game of catch-up given that he hasn’t been to any of the meetings.

On Dec. 20, the city of Tustin will be required to reduce the concentration of selenium in the city’s water supply, and if it fails to do that, it could face fines of thousands of dollars per day.

“As of now, we’re not going to meet that mandate,” Gavello says. “We can be fined millions of dollars per year if we don’t solve this problem. I’m going to keep going to the meetings and speak out passionately to protect the residents and taxpayers of my city, whether I’m on the committee or not.”

Jason Crosby

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