The Pike

The Flatlanders did in the ‘70s what Paperplanes do now—and now that Paperplanes have put in a new wildman rhythm section and moved Pete Tavera to twin Micah Panzich on Telecaster and vocals, there’s more Lubbock-and-everything spirit than ever. If there wasn’t Cliff Kane’s pedal steel and a certain characteristic beer-drankin’ gravitas, they’d almost be like the Feelies feeling fiery, or like any of the other post-Sterling-and-Lou bands that were doing their most vital work at about the same time a bunch of cowboys starting getting psychedelic. The Pike is probably the Planes’ second-most-natural local habitat, so be ready to see what happens when you visit the bear in its lair.
Thu., Nov. 19, 10 p.m., 2009
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