Men of the Hollywood Strip

California Girls

Aside from the lack of blatant public gambling and obnoxious blinking lights, there's one main thing that sets Orange County apart from Las Vegas—the lack of a male strip club. But ladies and gay gentlemen take heed: Men of the Hollywood Strip has taken over Saturday nights at California Girls in Fullerton! Featuring male dancers with bodies more impressive than Over the Top-era Sylvester Stallone, who rip their clothes off with the gusto of a lion charging a wounded wildebeest, these gentlemen are paid to please, and please they do. The boys work hard for their money and it shows—mostly in the pectoral and biceps region—so help put these sweet young lads through medical school by sticking dollar bills in their thong bikinis this weekend. Reservations are necessary so get your name on the list pronto as it is sure to fill up quickly.
Sat., Aug. 22, 9 p.m., 2009
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