MIdget Wrestling

Galaxy Theatre

When pondering wrestling, images of huge, burly men with bombastic vernacular and flamboyant costumes usually come to mind. On Saturday, all of the above will ensue—except the “huge” part. In 1949, “Sky Low Low” won a thirty-man “battle royal” to become the first National Wrestling Alliance World Midget Champion. The sport has since had its ups and downs, but now the Micro Wrestling Federation is bringing “a full blown night of Midget Wrestling and Rock N’ Roll” to The Galaxy Theatre. With names like Meatball, Short Dawg and J-Mazing, the “micro people” will combine four matches of body slams and half nelsons with music by Franki Doll & The Broken Toys, Noise Attack and the Last Gang.
Thu., Aug. 13, 8 p.m., 2009