“She’s a tiger,” says Gail Lightfoot. “She’s relentless. She’s not going to let go of this. She absolutely is not going to give up.”

Taitz admits it gets hard sometimes. Her husband objects to all the time spent away from home, late-night phone calls and money spent flying across the country. Taitz wishes she could see her sons more. And she’s increasingly convinced her life is in danger, most likely because of personal attention from Obama. Two weeks ago, her husband’s car went to the shop with mechanical problems. Then her car had a fuel leak.

And then she got this blog comment: “Did you know that if you tried your citizens’ arrest bullshit and tried to forcibly remove the president, I and millions of others would shoot you on spot and burn your body for the world to see???????? YOU LITTLE FUCK.” After filing a report with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, she traced the commenter’s IP address to Everett, Washington. Suddenly, everything clicked. “I’m wondering if it’s someone who knows Obama,” she says, “because his mother, Anne Dunham, used to study at the University of Seattle, Washington. This person is at Everett, Washington, which is very close to Seattle.”

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.: dentist, lawyer, mom, "eligibility" activist
John Gilhooley
Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.: dentist, lawyer, mom, "eligibility" activist
Buena Park pastor Wiley Drake was Taitz's first plaintiff
Gustavo Arellano
Buena Park pastor Wiley Drake was Taitz's first plaintiff

She’s currently looking for volunteers to investigate the matter in Washington. And, if she needs to, Taitz will go there herself.

More about and from Orly Taitz can be found on Navel Gazing.


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"Taitz smiled and pontificated in her Eastern European accent about the clerks of the Supreme Court whom she believed had been sabotaging her lawsuits."

 "who" not whom, you Mrs. Grundy.  Doesn't anybody 'roud here play this game?

It's the subject of "been sabotaging," not the object of "believed."



It is not a question of obsession-but it is the biggest scam in history- The American people have been deceived by the biggest FRAUD in history- To some people who are not overly concerned- well they should be concerned- The only president to hide his past history and it cost his backers (controllers) millions to hide everything and many more millions to keep it out of the newspapers & TV-


Very interesting and intriguing piece.

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