Most of the best videos came after Prop. 8 had already passed. Ignoring the numerous parodies of NOM’s “Gathering Storm” videos—which was so bad it parodied itself—here are a couple of funnies:

Most of you have seen the star-studded Prop. 8: The Musical, starring Jack Black as Jesus, but you probably haven’t seen Prop 8: The Web Series-Episode 1—Religion, a laugh-out-loud caustic piece of work that nails its target to the cross it has been shoving in our faces and adds a few extra nails just to make sure it stays there. I won’t spoil it by telling you what happens, but suffice it to say the tag line is worth repeating at every opportunity possible.

Equally acerbic are The License and The Defenders, which, like Prop. 8: The Web Series, take this recent civil-rights tragedy to its hateful extremes . . . and make you laugh through the tears.

Protest signs of the times
Protest signs of the times
Protest signs of the times
Protest signs of the times

All this good work—and there’s much more to be found cruising around YouTube and the Net—begs the question, “Where the hell were all of you people before Nov. 4?” Here’s hoping, as things heat up again in the next few years, artists of all kinds will step up a little faster this time, so we get a little more art with our oppression.

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