Again, we’re talking about equality. We should respect one another regardless of sex, religious preference or sexual preference. We need legal equality. That’s what we fight for. If I’m gay, I don’t want you to see me as gay. See me for who I am; look at what I do.

Do you think the fight for gay marriage is superfluous in any way given the realities of hate crimes against the LGBT community?

Look, the first steps have been taken; we are generally accepted by society now. We must go step by step. If people have begun to accept us, then we must keep pushing for complete equality. But there are still people who don’t accept that there are people with different preferences. I have a lot of faith in California. I love California laws, but how many people haven’t committed suicide because they’re gay? How many gay people or black people haven’t been beat up or killed just for being who they are? I’m hopeful, but I’m also nervous. I never thought what happened to me the other day was something that would happen in California. That’s why I left Mexico. But you realize this can happen anywhere to anyone, and you just have to pray that we learn to accept one another.

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