“Get me outta here!”

Every family has its own quirks, rules and ritual battles to see who goes unfed each night. But no matter how well you know your own family, there’s a lot to be learned from being forced to see things differently. Each week, one of the Suleman 14 will switch places with another kid—who could be anywhere in the world—to see what life is like when you’ve got a different mommy, a different sibling count and fewer cameras outside (and inside) your house. The kid who’s imported into the Suleman household gets to experience life with America’s favorite family. A few celebrity families even get in on the swapping: In one Very Special Episode, Angelina Jolie switches her entire stable with Nadya’s!

[from the “Mooseburger” episode]

ELIJAH MAKAI SOLOMON SULEMAN, AGE 7: “Until they sent me to Alaska, I never realized that children could have names that didn’t come from the Old Testament. When I have kids, I’m gonna give them cool names, like ‘Willow’ and ‘Trig’!”


The Inseminating Race
“He can run, but he can’t hide.”

An ever-growing team of out-of-work investigative journalists is given the assignment of a lifetime: Find the Suleman baby daddy whose genes are swimming through all 14 kids in the Octohousehold. A mix of weekly clues and innovative investigative techniques lead the teams around the world in their quest to track down the prolific sperm donor. Is he giving scuba lessons in Trinidad? Battling swine flu in Mexico? Modeling in Milan? Find out where the elusive papa is hiding out—and what happens when he’s found. The team of journalists that finds him will win the salary and benefits from their former jobs for the rest of their lives.

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