Grouch and Eligh

The Glass House

The thing that makes Living Legends so “legendary” is the lyrical dynamite that emerges when they mix and match their skills. And when the eight-man roster splits into cells, it’s like a simultaneous attack from all sides, each with its own dose of head-bobbing collabs and, let’s not forget, an album to sell. Case in point: Grouch and Eligh, one-quarter of this famous West Coast crew. Since their third album (Say G&E!) hit the streets in April, they’ve been on a nationwide grind to promote their status as “generals of an eclectic penmanship/the centerfold pieces of an abstract collective,” as described on the album’s title track. It’s a mission they take with them to the Glass House this Monday. And somewhere between the laidback swagger of Grouch and Eligh’s enunciated stabs of slippery-tongued true-life tales, audiences are exposed to an entirely new chemistry that is legendary in its own right.
Mon., May 18, 7 p.m., 2009