Is that true?

“I’m hiding in plain sight in Sacramento,” a laughing Schroeder told me during a phone call late in the afternoon of Feb. 20. “And on Monday, I’ll be hiding in plain sight in New York. These guys [the process servers] just don’t understand how much I travel.”

Jaramillo’s trial is set to begin April 6 in Superior Court Judge Andrew Bank’s courtroom.

Photo Illustration by Jay Brockman

Gordon Dillow is the veteran Orange County Register columnist who produces near-homoerotic love letters to folks in uniform. Kill or beat a suspect or an unarmed civilian (especially a minority), and the man in awe of lethal discharges will come to your rescue. Last year, the Reg laid off Dillow. He now writes occasional columns, still lining up squarely behind state force while he pretends to harbor libertarian instincts.

On Feb. 17, Dillow penned another old soldier’s hagiography (he kept the guy’s identity a secret), ending with what appeared to be one of his best gobbledygook moments. Now that W. isn’t occupying the White House and there’s a sense that starting wars isn’t a top priority for the nation, Dillow is wondering where that leaves our professional warriors. He wrote, “I know that guys like Staff Sergeant Mac [his column’s mystery subject] will persevere through the hard times of peace” (my emphasis).

Gordo, don’t fret too much. Your pal Mac can always join a mercenary force. Or Dana Rohrabacher’s next campaign.

Orange County has spectacular views, and on Feb. 8, Oscar Omar Ramirez decided to experience one for himself. Just before midnight, he skirted a security fence to climb the 153-foot Santa Ana water tower near Interstate 5 and Grand Avenue. The tower, 81 years old and repainted last year during a $1.1 million renovation, is part of Santa Ana’s “Downtown Orange County” marketing campaign, designed to attract potential new residents and business owners leery of the city’s less-than-savory reputation. Ramirez didn’t help. Police say that in addition to trespassing, the 40-year-old was intoxicated, which may have been the reason it took cops a while to coax him down.

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