Dugger, who is seeking $650,000 for lost wages and $1.9 million in punitive damages, says Paul Crouch Jr. told him that TBN was “not a place for fairies” before he was fired in 2007.

If true, you have to wonder if Junior consulted his daddy before making such ?a statement.

John Casoria, a TBN representative, called Dugger’s lawsuit “mainly a work of fiction.”

T-Rack: Must be the hairspray
Christopher Victorio
T-Rack: Must be the hairspray

After his Jan. 16 federal conviction for sabotaging a federal grand jury investigation into law enforcement corruption, Carona threw himself a victory celebration at a local restaurant, according to Rick Reiff at The Orange County Business Journal.


Then, while the ink was drying on his felony conviction, Carona got federal Judge Andrew Guilford’s permission to fly to South Florida, home of Hank Asher, the former cocaine trafficker our ex-top cop thanked (along with God) minutes after his trial.

In 2003, Asher—now a wealthy government contractor to federal spook agencies and whose company helped George W. Bush win Florida in 2000 by purging thousands of likely Democrats from voting rolls—secretly gave an illegal $250,000 to then-Sheriff Carona in hopes of him parlaying his national fame from the kidnapping, rape and murder of 5-year-old Samantha Runnion into a U.S. Senate seat.

Now that that isn’t going to happen, at least Asher might get a new salesman out of the deal: Don’t be surprised to see Carona, who is set to learn on April 27 whether his punishment will include prison time, hawking Asher’s spy wares in the future. According to published reports, the businessman with the questionable past likes to surround himself with ex-cops.

One problem here, Hank: Carona—a glorified bailiff who never made a real arrest or solved a crime before he became sheriff in 1999—only pretended to be a cop.

Despite federal election regulations requiring politicians to itemize specific details about all campaign transactions over $200, Huntington Beach Congressman Dana Rohrabacher recently paid himself more than $16,791 while offering few details on his mandated public disclosure reports. In December, Rohrabacher accounted for $4,657 given to his wife under the category “campaign manager,” and he says he used $2,219 to pay a phone bill. (Did you dial an adult sex line, Dana?) But Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show the 11-term congressman also deposited three checks totaling $9,914 in unspecified “reimbursements.” Surely it’s a coincidence that the amount is just under the $10,000 threshold for banks to report deposits to the IRS.

According to FEC reports, that’s how much OC’s lone congressional Democrat paid (with campaign contributions) for her provocative 2008 Christmas card.

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