Now the city has ordered the club to shut down unless the problems are fixed by May 1. Owner Gary Nalder told the Reg he now has plans to sell the building and close up shop. Makes sense: It’s too public now. The club—and its many professional patrons—operate on the premise that the location remain discreet.

Halie says: All those people who are screaming . . . are people who either aren’t having any sex, don’t like sex, have never had good sex, or don’t know what sex is or how great it can be. And those people need to get over it.

Posted by Rich Kane, Heard Mentality, April 10
I’m in the pit on the Clarence side against the front barricade. Bruce comes over during a verse (What was it? “Girls In Their Summer Clothes?”) and crouches down in front of the ladies on my left. He’s holding someone’s hand and singing right at her. I realize I’m arm’s distance from the man. It’s late in the show, and he’s really sweaty. I reach out and drag my index finger across the top of his hand. He doesn’t notice. He stands up and walks back to center stage. I stare briefly at the glob of Bruce Springsteen’s glistening perspiration on my finger. And then I licked it off. Mmmm . . . salty!

He's got taste
A.M. Saddler/Backstreets
He's got taste
Where was the rest?
Where was the rest?

Posted by R. Scott Moxley, Navel Gazing, July 28
Several months ago, I drove three times to visit the Santa Ana Police Department Animal Control to report a neighbor’s dog abuse. I was told my word wasn’t good enough—that I needed evidence such as photographs, video—proving the abuse.Today, I went home for lunch and found another neighbor repeatedly punching, choking and strangling her small dog in the courtyard of my condo complex.

An immediate call to a local animal-cruelty organization produced only a figurative shoulder shrug and a suggestion to call the Santa Ana police. In a call to Santa Ana police, an officer said they were too busy to listen to my report today but will “try to call” tomorrow.

[Note: Moxley uploaded videotaped evidence of the dog abuse with this post—since removed from YouTube for “terms of use violation.” The dog was rescued, and the girl was taken into custody.]

Gustavo Arellano says: For the non-wabs at home: She keeps telling the dog to “Get up, get up” in a mocking voice. Then, she says, “Oh, it doesn’t hurt you?”After seeing this, even I want to deport Mexicans.

Debby Bodkin says: WOW! I was shocked to read how difficult it has been to report animal abuse. Why are some laws enforced for some and ignored for others? Thanks for your attempts to protect an innocent dog!

Señor Ben Dayhoe says: R. Scott, Where can we direct the authorities to handle this abusive piece of sh!t?

Kat says: Why didn’t you intervene and stop this action?

PETA pal says: If Kat had read what Moxley wrote about prior experiences trying to get animal control to take action, then she wouldn’t have fired off that knee-jerk question.

Posted by Gustavo Arellano, Navel Gazing, June 2
Under the reign of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown, the Catholic Diocese of Orange has lied, spun, hid, dismissed, excused and ignored its shameful sex-abuse scandal—no surprise there. But never in my four years of reporting on the story have I ever encountered such a ridiculous action as the one I’m about to explain.

Look closely at the picture in this post. It’s from the Orange diocese’s new history of itself, which I reviewed this week. Pay special attention to the space between the lady and the guy on the farthest right.

Notice anything different? You see that guy where once there was nothing? None other than John Lenihan, one of Orange County’s most notorious rapist padres and my childhood priest. That’s right: the Orange diocese PHOTOSHOPPED A FREAKING PICTURE SO READERS WON’T KNOW THAT IT LET LENIHAN STAY AROUND LONG AFTER HE ADMITTED TO HIS RAPES. The snapshot was taken in 2001, when Lenihan was serving as an adviser for the then-developing JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano. Brown didn’t seek to laicize him until spring of 2002—almost a decade after he admitted to molesting a 15-year-old girl during the 1970s.

Posted by Rich Kane, Stick a Fork In It, Sept. 7
Calling it a “Lobster Festival” but providing so little variety is kind of like having a Japanese-food festival where the only available cuisine is Yoshinoya. Or a Mexican-food festival where everything is from Taco Bell. Other random bitching: I saw several people giving business to the hamburger, corn-dog and cheesesteak stands. Who the hell goes to a lobster festival to eat corn dogs?

Stella Gayite says: Rich Kane’s review is kinda silly. It never claimed to have lobster water, lobster desserts, lobster sunscreen, lobster kitchen sinks, whatever.

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