Buena Park Pastor Wiley Drake Believes He Still Has a Prayer of Unseating Barack Obama

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There are also claims that the Obama campaign released different versions of the Hawaiian birth certificate—the first without an official seal, the second with the seal stamped in the wrong place and so on. What do you know about that?

As far as the birth certificate, yeah, there are a lot of questions. There is no seal, then they sent another one in and didn’t have the seal in the right place. What’s that all about? A lot of this stuff is discussed on Berg’s site,

Speaking of websites, here’s what has said on the matter: “ staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all the requirements from the State Department for providing U.S. citizenship.” Did you know that?

Obama’s birth certificate: legit?
Obama’s birth certificate: legit?
Drake: Full of it?
Gustavo Arellano
Drake: Full of it?

Yeah. But, again, they only saw what Obama put on his website. Interestingly enough, was owned by a company for which Barack served on its board of directors.

That’s convenient.

Makes you wanna go hmmm. The more we dig, the more we find, so we finally decided let’s take it to court and let the courts decide. I made a statement that, uh, if Barack Hussein Obama can prove he is a bona-fide, constitutional, natural-born candidate, as one of the co-founders of the Presidential Prayer Team and the former second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, I will lead people to pray for him.

Well, that’s nice of you.

Yeah, everybody wants to make it about race, to make it about politics. Another thing is Philip Berg, who brought the first case, was chairman of the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania for many years. He is not a fly-by-night guy. He’s an old man; he’s been around forever on the Democrat’s Central Committee. Also, he was a deputy district attorney for years. This wasn’t like he was a Republican going after a Democrat.

That’s very interesting. Did you know that back when Hillary Clinton was campaigning against Obama, a blogger supporting her had to admit to having looked through Honolulu Advertiser back issues and discovering a birth announcement in the Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961, edition for a son born Aug. 4, 1961, to Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama of 6085 Kalanianole Hwy.? So her argument is why would someone plant a fake announcement in a newspaper in 1961? It’s not like someone back then knew this baby would some day run for president.

Well, I had not heard that. Again, why would someone go to that degree? But there have also been a lot of other things that are very unusual.

Do you know who Joseph Farah is, the founder of

Oh, yes, Joe’s a good friend of mine.

Joe said that even without a favorable Supreme Court ruling to the allegations, the native-born issue will haunt Obama’s entire presidency much like the Monica Lewinsky controversy dogged the rest of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Well, I’d agree with that except it will be even more so than the Lewinsky thing. I think it will dog him because one of our attorneys, Gary Kreep [of the United Justice Foundation] said we will do everything we can to fight this battle. If we win this case, we will keep him out of the White House. If we lose, Gary and his committee of lawyers, and many of us are supportive of this, if Mr. Obama is indeed inaugurated, we will file a lawsuit against the inauguration for being illegal and against the chief justice of the Supreme Court for swearing in a usurper. And then, typically on the first day of office, the president signs a bunch of bills. Every bill or document he signs, we will file a separate lawsuit. For every decision he makes, it’s gonna to be tied up in court.

Man, won’t that get expensive?

Well, I didn’t commit to do it; the attorney did.

Dang attorneys.

Yeah. When he told me that, I said, “Wow, this is going to be expensive.” And he said, “Wiley, you’re a preacher. I’m a lawyer. Don’t tell me how to do my job.” I said, “Okay, I can’t pay, but I can pray.”

It’s not like your church is a giant church like Saddleback.

No, I don’t have any money. People accused me of doing this to raise money, but I tell them, “I’m not making money, and by the way, if you want to help our church, can you give us some money?” The time and effort I’m putting into this is really costing our church money.

Is this is all sour grapes because Keyes-Drake lost to Obama-Biden?

Well, certainly nobody likes to lose, but in all honesty, we didn’t have any delusions of grandeur. We were making a statement against the Republican Party. It’s not like we really thought we’d win. I think that is just a foolish accusation. Alan has been around a long time. He’s lost before. The other thing they tried to tell me . . . My wife just got out a pair of scissors for the phone line. . . . They accused me, as a Southerner, of being racist. What about Mr. Keyes? He’s blacker than Mr. Obama. This is certainly not race-motived.

Okay, I’m going to let you go because the last thing I need is to get on the bad side of your wife and her scissors.

I appreciate that.

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