Buena Park Pastor Wiley Drake Believes He Still Has a Prayer of Unseating Barack Obama

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We did an investigation and found all kinds of things. In 2005, even before we found out he’d become a presidential candidate, his people did legal research on how and what were the procedures for changing the Constitution of the United States, especially the natural-born-citizen clause. It seems they were anticipating problems. And there are idiosyncrasies with his birth certificate. It’s obviously a forgery. A forensic investigation found his sister Maya’s name on it. They pretty obviously took his sister’s birth certificate and doctored it.

Was she born in Hawaii?

I don’t know.

Obama’s birth certificate: legit?
Obama’s birth certificate: legit?
Drake: Full of it?
Gustavo Arellano
Drake: Full of it?

Hmmm . . .

We still have two cases and possibly a third one to get their hearing. Our own California case, if we can win, that’s 55 electoral votes that would be withheld. That would take him down to within six or seven of not having enough to be elected anyway. It’d have to go to the Senate to be decided—birth or no birth.

I don’t know if you’ve been following this, but these lawsuits have spurred a lot of comments on the Internet.

I have been.

Some are speculating the Supreme Court justices rejected the Donofrio case because to do otherwise would lead to rioting in inner cities.

Well, we’ve speculated about that as well. I’ve been pretty keenly aware of what’s going on in the Supreme Court. You’ll notice the date when they decided the case would go to conference was on a Friday. Typically, if you go to conference, you take a vote, thumbs up and down, whether to schedule for a hearing. They knew that a lot of people would be discouraged if they made an announcement Friday that they would not take the case. Washington, D.C., is a powder keg. They knew they’d already be at happy hour Friday afternoon and be drunk. Even if a ballgame goes one way or another, they start burning stuff because they are drunk. I think the Supreme Court put the case off until Monday because they knew people would have hangovers and not be drunk.

You’ll notice, typically in a case with any notoriety, a judge will say we turned it down but I think we should have taken it, or another judge will write something and give reasons why they didn’t. Usually, at least two on each side will make this comment. But in this case, they did not even make one comment. They did not even make it public. The clerk of the court posted it on a bulletin board. That’s verification of what I think shows they were fearful. They knew if they announced Friday they took the case, the idiots on that side would start burning stuff, and if they didn’t take it, the idiots on other side would do stupid things. It has created a constitutional crisis.

I’d like to tick off the comments of people on both sides. How do you explain the director of Health and Vital Statistics in Hawaii having verified the birth certificate on record as authentic?

Well, I think she lied. Heh-heh-heh. It’s pretty simple. I’ve tried to make all sorts of excuses, but I think she just made a political lie. She thought she’d get press out of it. She did: She got bad press.

Another little wrinkle that most people are not talking too much about is the documents that go to Hawaii have a requesting box called 7C. It indicates proof for this is foreign, not from Hawaii. They did admit Mr. Obama’s certificate had box 7C checked on it. This just unravels the more you go into it. We also found out when he registered with the Selective Service for the draft, on one of the forms is a round rubber stamp with the postmark on it. This was in 1980, I believe, but the Postal Service says that type of round rubber stamp hadn’t been used since the ’70s. And on that same stamp, he signed it the 30th of the month, and then the stamp on other side of document says it was stamped on the 29th. He could have made a mistake, but it makes you think, hmmm, what is all this about?

We looked at documents in Illinois under the Freedom of Information Act. We got the form from when he registered with the state as an attorney. For one question, he gave his full name, then a few questions down he is asked if he used any other name other than what it says on line one, Barack Hussein Obama. He checked no. Everybody knows he went by Barry Soetoro in Indonesia and even Occidental College in the LA area.

His lawyers have made sure that every place, every school or hospital, has placed a hold on his records. We suspect that if we could get his Occidental records, we would find out, since he admits he was dirt poor at that time, that he probably went in on an international visa where you get a free education. That would show he would have had to prove he was a citizen of Kenya or some other country to get that money, but he has indeed locked those records.

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