“We get a really good mix of calls,” she says. “I get parents calling, crying and thanking me for the show. I get parents of kids who got sober saying they wish I’d been there for them. I love this: The people who call saying, ‘I respect your point of view, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.’”

An off-air caller asked, “How dare you compare addiction to cancer. If you walked into a cancer ward and said that, I hope they’d punch you in the face.”

“This hits home with a lot of people,” Fatima says. “A lot have grown up with absentee parents, and they only see the negative side. They are so hateful toward alcoholics.”

Leyla Fatima stirs the pot
John Gilhooley
Leyla Fatima stirs the pot

As for the feedback from her boys, she says, “They think Mom is a rock star.”

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