Letters From OC Weekly Readers

R. Burnett, Long Beach

I am a Republican and right now not too happy. However there comes a time when comfort in office becomes the end of effectiveness. Sadly, Rohrbacher’s district needs so much attention and decisive action and he is just not the person. I am most disgusted with jokes he has made about the illegal imigration problem. I am also sick and tired of individuals of some importance believing that they are the sole solution makers around. I personally don’t see the congressman listening to the citizens and their suggestions. Right now with what is going on in all aspects of government, I don’t care what party is around, I want a hard worker and fighter that will get the job done.

I know this gentleman is popular and a nice guy, but right now I don’t want a nice guy representing me in the worst crisis this country has been in, in all areas of our government. I hope and pray that there is a bumper crop of youngsters out there that will bring back hard working politics with a success record. Just remember, we have Supreme Court appointments coming up, a brand new Congress and Senate plus most importantly: a goal to become a country that is respected again.

Bill Warmington, Newport Beach

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