But as good as DiCaprio is, Body of Lies is stolen early and often right out from under him by a British actor named Mark Strong, cast here as the debonair chief of the Jordanian General Intelligence Department. Tailored to the nines in Savile Row couture, calling everyone “my dear” in his mellifluous, dulcet tones, Strong’s Hani Pasha supplies information when convenient, withholds when necessary, baits presumed allies into a trap when he smells a rat and oversees the torture of the occasional prisoner, all without unsettling a hair on his elegantly coiffed head. “Never lie to me,” he advises Ferris upon their first meeting, though it’s quite clear that Hani doesn’t risk trusting anyone. Which, in the world of Body of Lies, is the only sure way of keeping your head above water.

"So control-alt-delete does what, again?"
Francois Duhamel
"So control-alt-delete does what, again?"

Body of Lies was directed by Ridley Scott; written by William Monahan, based on the book by David Ignatius. Opens Fri. Countywide.

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