Well, it certainly is comical, though not always intentionally so. During its relaunch week, while interviewing soap-opera actor Bryton McClure, who is African-American, Aaron jokingly blurted out, “Why are you not a crack addict?” McClure didn’t appear to have heard the comment, but to some viewers, it was like a real-life scene from an old Arrested Development episode.

For her part, Zomorodi, a classic teeth-and-hair anchor, constantly touches and rubs her hands on both Aaron’s and Weitzner’s arms. She puts more passion into reading such lines as “Could it be? No more cellulite?” than she ever did during DayBreak’s previous, newsier era.

“I think extremely highly of all the folks there [at DayBreak], and I would hire and work with all of them again,” says Rowe, who now is the business editor at the North County News, an Escondido-based daily paper. “The real heartbreak for me is that KDOC isn’t doing news anymore.”

Zomorodi (left) and Aaron: 
Orange County’s toothiest news team
Zomorodi (left) and Aaron: Orange County’s toothiest news team


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