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Sandra Cisneros

A couple of weeks after world-famous Librería Martínez announced it was perilously close to shutting down, Latino USA’s authors heeded the call and began booking gigs. Their promises are now bearing fruit (except Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez of Dirty Girls Social Club fame, who flat-out snubbed the bookstore one recent Friday night, leaving dozens of fans disappointed), and the biggest name is now in town: Sandra Cisneros. The famed Chicana author doesn’t have a book or cause to hawk—she knows that her appearance will draw hundreds of people and thousands of dollars in much-needed revenue to the bookstore, and that says more about Cisneros’ character than any award-winning novella she’ll ever publish. Support local treasures by supporting one of the best authors in America.
Wed., Oct. 8, 7 p.m., 2008
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