When labor leaders were spotted high-fiving Orange County Republican politicians, you knew you’d seen everything.

Amplifying the bassackwardness of it all was the actual echo inside O’Brien Hall. It was like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher recite Lou Gehrig’s luckiest man speech from inside Get Smart’s Cone of Silence. The best place to hear speakers echo-free was outside by the overpriced-food stands.

By 12:12 p.m., with eight and a quarter loooong hours to go, Luxton looked like she wanted to be anywhere else. Welcome to the club.

Thumbs-up for Trestles
Christopher Victorio
Thumbs-up for Trestles

Encinitas resident Marco Gonzalez of the Coast Law Group put it best: “It takes an extraordinarily bad project to bring people together like this.”

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Circus Inside
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