Early-onset arthritis is the new headbanging
Early-onset arthritis is the new headbanging

But Death Magnetic—and this truly bizarre way to experience it—is all about redemption, and for that, we’ve got “Cyanide”: a terse main riff, repetitive enough to get really good at but not tired of, coupled to James’ typically dopey lyrics (“Cyanide! Living dead inside! Break this empty shell forevermore!”). It’s maudlin high-school poetry as always, but perfect in this context—every note assigned a candy-colored button, band and audience alike rendered as goofy cartoons. It’s a toy, a cheap thrill, and oddly perfect. When the loopy solo hits, tilt that plastic axe upward, deploy star power and pray for the best. If you can’t ride the lightning, maybe you can ride it out.

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