Tyke Hike

Backpacking Through Asia

Send your kid to Asia. No, don't actually send them there-you know you'd kind of miss them after a few days. Instead, take them to the Bowers Kidseum for their Backpacking Through Asia series. In collaboration with the main branch's exhibit of Emperor Qin's Terra Cotta soldiers (the largest collection ever seen outside of China), this continuing summer program offers kids the chance to learn about four of the seven wonders of the world. Kids will find out about the soldiers and Emperor Qin's obsession with having an army for the afterlife, ‘climb' to the top of Mount Fuji, relax in the Hanging Gardens, walk the Silk Road, and be back in time for dinner. Then on the way home, you can threaten to actually send them over there if they don't behave. We're kidding, we're kidding!
July 8-29, 2008