Letters From OC Weekly Readers

Maggie Moe, via e-mail

This is disgusting [Nick Schou's "Party Crashers," June 6]. Living in Orange County my entire life, I've adapted to cops and their bad attitudes toward locals. Although the crime rate is growing (especially among youth), this is no way for any police officer(s) to act. I sympathize with the Santos family and their inability to achieve the justice they deserve in a county that claims to "serve and protect."

Brittany, via e-mail

I definitely feel for the family for going through this. My family and I went through a similar ordeal with local police officers. They did exactly what you wrote! It's the Garden Grove Police Department gang unit that is responsible for all of this. They do not deserve to hold a badge, and they need to be stopped! Reading this story brought tears to my eyes after having gone through the same trauma from excessive force and brutality, all because you are Mexican. The community deserves to know the truth about these corrupt officers. How can you call the police in Garden Grove after going through something like this?

If you cannot trust your local police officers, who can you trust? If their family was treated like this, they wouldn't like it, would they? So what are we? We are not animals; we are human beings. We deserve to be treated fairly. I pray they realize what they are doing is wrong and that they repent.

Angie, via e-mail

I enjoyed this article [Rex Reason's "Heavy Melody," June 6]. I have been a friend and fan of Unorthodox for years. It's a good time to see them back together. It has brought a spark to each of the members' eyes.

Michelle Young-Garcia, via e-mail

At the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Awards in Philadelphia, two of our writers won big. Gustavo Arellano took home the award for Best Column with ¡Ask a Mexican! while R. Scott Moxley bagged second place in the prestigious Public Service category for his coverage of indicted ex-Sheriff Mike Carona.

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