Notable:Served in the U.S. Navy from 1968 to 1972, won numerous law-enforcement performance/creativity awards

Quotable:“We need to change the department’s culture. We need to put pride back into our uniform.”


- Timothy W. Tunson -


Current job:Chief of police in Arvin

Number of employees supervised:26

Law-enforcement experience:Served as interim chief and chief, respectively, at police departments in South Gate and Calexico, worked as a deputy in Riverside and Orange counties

OC connection:Lived in Santa Ana as a youngster

Claim to fame:Gave two fantastic job interviews for top-cop jobs on prior occasions, only to be dismissed as a candidate after background checks discovered negative personal information, including being fired as Coachella’s police chief

Quotable:“In the Army, they teach you to always look ahead.”


- Timothy C. Alexander -

Residence:Mays Landing, New Jersey

Current job:Lieutenant/commander in the Atlantic County (New Jersey) prosecutor’s office

Law-enforcement experience:Has worked in the prosecutor’s office since 1998

Education:Drexel University (undergraduate)

Notable:A motivational coach

* * Randy G. Adams * *


Current job:Police chief of Glendale

Orange County connection:Relatives live here

Law-enforcement experience:35 years

Education:Cal State Los Angeles (undergraduate), Cal Lutheran University and Cal Poly Pomona (graduate)

Notable:Said 24 star Kiefer Sutherland would get no special treatment serving a DUI sentence in his jail

Quotable:“The public in this community wants a police chief that will take a stand on things that he believes is right,” Adams said, regarding a controversy he sparked in 2004 by publicly endorsing a commercial real-estate development project.


- Ion Petrinca -

Residence:Garden Grove

Current job:Electrician’s assistant

Law-enforcement experience:None, but served for four years as a private first class in the U.S. Army reserves

Education:Santa Ana College (AA)

Claim to fame:U.S. Forest Service firefighter in Trabuco Canyon in 2005

Quotable:“I have strong composure under stressful conditions.”


- Robert T. Peppler -

Residence:Fairfax, Virginia

Current job:Assistant director of the Office of Counter Narcotics Enforcement at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Law-enforcement experience:Before leaving for Washington, D.C., in 2005, Peppler worked at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for 27 years—rising to the rank of undersheriff.

Education:San Bernardino Valley College (AA)

Claim to fame:Wife Susan was mayor of Redlands

Notable:Managed the Drug-Terror Division of his Homeland Security office, which tracks the ties between drug trafficking and terrorists


- Kevin M. Keyes -

Residence:Turtle Rock

Current job:Director of international operations for Phoenix Software International

Law-enforcement experience:President of his homeowners’ association

Education:University of London, England

Claim to fame:Given business presentations at the University of Southern California

Notable:Served as an engineer on a submarine in the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet


* * William J. “Bill” Hunt * *

Residence:San Clemente

Current job:Owner of a private security company

Law-enforcement experience:Orange County sheriff’s designated police chief of San Clemente from 2002 to 2006, after nearly 22 years of serving in a variety of capacities—SWAT, jails, undercover operations—as a deputy

Education:University of Redlands (undergraduate), Cal State Dominguez Hills (graduate)

Claim to fame:Questioned Carona’s ethics, ran against him in 2006, got the second-highest number of votes and was essentially fired by Carona in retaliation

Notable:Endorsed by the Orange County deputies’ union.


- Donald Teti Sr. -

Residence:North Las Vegas, Nevada

Current job:Police officer

Law-enforcement experience:Corporate safety officer, court deputy, parks and wetlands cop

Education:El Dorado High School (Nevada)

Claim to fame:Has “verbal Judo skills” and is Medal of Honor/Medal of Valor recipient for police work

Notable:Also applied this year to be chief of police in Odessa, Texas


- Patrick J. Lynch -

Residence:Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Current job:Deputy sheriff

Law-enforcement experience:Began as a Palm Beach (Florida) cop in 1974, before joining the sheriff’s department in 1977 and working in numerous capacities, including SWAT and covert operations

Education:University of Maryland (undergraduate), Florida Atlantic University (graduate)

Claim to fame:Created the Homeland Security Division at his agency

Notable:Won numerous awards for his disaster-assistance work

Controversy:Received a five-day suspension in 2003 and a demotion for arriving to work with alcohol on his breath after a police anti-terrorism conference


* * Richard Beemer * *

Residence:San Bernardino

Current job:Undersheriff

Law-enforcement experience:Since 1973, has risen through the ranks of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Education:Cal State San Bernardino

Notable:Earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart serving in the Vietnam War

Quotable:“The public’s faith in the ability of the police to police themselves is a key element in a strong democratic society,” Beemer said last year, regarding a cop who shot an unarmed member of the U.S. military who was home after service in Iraq.


- Douglas R. McPherson -

Residence:Rockford, Illinois

Current job:Chief deputy coroner for Winnebago County (Illinois)

Law-enforcement experience:More than a decade as a deputy sheriff, cop and crime-scene investigator

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