There's already been a lot of interest, purely because of the title. Costanzo took it from a person he knew telling him to make a wish when the clock turns 11:11, he says, but he was unaware it's a significant number in numerology circles, a belief espoused by the likes of infamous spoon-bender Uri Geller. LifeLine gets e-mails nearly every day from conspiracy theorists anxious to see what's coming.

"I think it would be our biggest-selling movie ever," Costanzo says. "I could put a short out right now, 32 pages of script, but I don't want to do that. I want to make the film we set out to make." Amhurst, meanwhile, should be hitting DVD in the fall.

Will Costanzo ever make a movie that really breaks through and allows the company to become the full-time focus of its partners? Thomasson estimates it would take $2.6 million to achieve that. And head-not-in-the-clouds Costanzo is realistic about the prospects for their movies.

"I'm proud of them, for what we went through, which was hell, to get them made and released on DVD. But I also understand we're not gonna make a Pulp Fiction or something of that caliber," Costanzo says. "But there are little moments in every film where I think it all comes together, and the goal is to make a whole movie like that."

Surprisingly casual in his delivery, Costanzo adds, "I dunno. I might die before that happens."

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