Fossil Fuel

A Dinosaur Book 
of World Records

Shove Guinness aside: Dino Rock's A Dinosaur Book of World Records outshines any compilation of mere human competitors. There's no need to worry about any pesky coronary-inducing Velociraptors popping up in the middle of the show-this program is more Barney than Jurassic Park and is safe for all ages. In this world, dinosaurs dance to peppy guitar music and are just happy that extinction hasn't caught up with them yet. You and your kids can learn about such friendly dinos as Gabi Gallimimus, the fastest recorded dinosaur alive, or Thumus the Iguanodon, the first true vegan, as these great creatures are given their rightful place in history as the greatest of the Mesozoic Era.
Sun., April 20, 3 p.m., 2008