Let's say a husband has desires, fantasies, or kinks that his wife doesn't share. Maybe his sex drive is higher than hers (or maybe hers is higher than his). Instead of feeling bad about themselves, each other and their relationship, why not agree that he can seek out a sex worker as an additional partner? We need to let go of the fairytale notion that spouses will be 100 percent sexually compatible with one another and fulfill all of the other's needs at every stage of their relationship. For some, a relationship where money changes hands can make the boundaries feel very clear and the interactions less threatening for several reasons: Both sex worker and client have distinct roles; there's no romance or dating; it's assumed that the sex worker doesn't have a hidden agenda to break up a client's relationship; and sex workers have experience managing their feelings and the feelings of clients.

Grant says that the majority of her clients are married, and none of their wives know about (or would agree to) their seeing a sex worker. Marcus, however, has clients whose spouses do know and will sometimes even join them for three-ways. Will there ever come a time when seeing a sex worker will be a viable option for consensual, non-monogamous relationships?

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