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UCI Men's Volleyball

It's too bad for UC Irvine athletes that the school is mostly renowned for its academics-Nobel Prize-winning professors and New York Times best-selling authors and all. In fact, most students attribute an overall lack of the "college experience" to the absence of a football team. Okay, so there's no football team. And the school mascot, the big bad anteater, doesn't exactly strike the same fear in the hearts of athletes as much as the Trojan or the Bruin. But last May, the UCI men's volleyball team won the national title, with then-senior Matt Webber leading with 22 kills during the final match. The NCAA champions were even honored with a visit to the White House-"Go Anteaters!" said Dubya-so why is it still that no one cares?
Tue., April 1, 7 p.m., 2008

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