"The supplemental reports were submitted, but I cannot comment on those," he says. "That information will come out at the trial."

Mashayekhi says he has no idea what crime he could have been allegedly involved in. Asked whether it could be related to his first trip to the Buena Park neighborhood with Angela 10 days before his assault, when she, an admitted felon, briefly visited the home of Carrillo, who has a 2003 conviction for possession of controlled substance with intent to sell, Mashayekhi says he doesn't know.

Miles Bristow, spokesman for the California victim-compensation and government claims board, says that although all victim files are confidential and he isn't familiar with this case, there are several possible reasons Mashayekhi has been denied victim/witness-relocation assistance.

Mashayekhi sifts through his old news clippings in his motel room
John Gilhooley
Mashayekhi sifts through his old news clippings in his motel room

In addition to possibly having contributed to a crime, Bristow says, there are other reasons the police might have denied Mashayekhi relocation assistance. It could be that they determined Mashayekhi was not cooperating with the investigation.

Lepe denied responsibility for Mashayekhi not receiving relocation assistance, saying, "Relocation goes through the court, not through us."

Bristow notes that the victim-compensation board relies heavily on police opinions when making its decisions.

A letter from Lepe to Mashayekhi prior to his filing the supplemental report seems to express frustration with his lack of cooperation, as well as his seeming attempts to go over Lepe's head by contacting newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times.

"I have been having an extremely difficult time trying to contact you," the letter signed by Lepe states. "I made countless efforts to find you and noticed you have held three P.O. boxes in various counties. . . . I have received numerous duplicated copies of the newspaper articles which you have initiated, as well as old photos of you with government officials. Unfortunately, your newspaper articles and photos have not helped me with this investigation. . . .

"If I do not hear from you by Friday, Jan. 18, 2008, I will assume you do not want to assist me with this report."

Mashayekhi says he didn't receive the letter in time to respond and rebuts the claim that he is difficult to reach, saying Lepe could have called him on his cell phone before sending that letter.

He also believes the mention of his three P.O. boxes was calculated, saying the other boxes are from years past when he lived in other counties. He has not kept them. Mashayekhi says police are grinding their ax because of the lawsuit.

"He's saying that to make me look bad, that I'm some kind of shady person jumping around from mailbox to mailbox," Mashayekhi says. "This is their way of getting back at me."

Orange County Assistant District Attorney Carol Henson is assigned to prosecute Carrillo on the Mashayekhi case. She says she has been instructed not to speak to the media about it. She did say, however, that more will likely be revealed at the March 13 hearing.

"It's one thing to see it on paper," Henson says. "But even we sometimes learn things at the preliminary hearing."

Police have promised Mashayekhi that an armed plainclothes officer will escort him to court for his protection. Until then, Mashayekhi will be passing in and out of hotels throughout the county, trying to keep a low profile.

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