The Martha Stewart of Sex Parties

Meet the host of LA/OC Jacks

That exploration eventually led to the Jacks parties. Mike says that when first-timers stop by, they're a bit leery and unsure of what to expect, but by the time they're ready to leave, they're asking him, "Where have you been all my life?"

"Bottom line is, everybody needs love, and every man is welcome here. The age range is from 18 to 70-plus. I've had a couple of people in the 400-pound range who've told me this is the only place they feel comfortable being naked. They may not see much action, but at least they can see other naked guys and can feel part of something. That's always been my main focus: Be a part of the community and create a safe environment. I've heard from guys who've gotten arrested for having sex in park bathrooms. In this environment today, that's just taking your life in your hands, and of course, legally, you're looking at a $1,000 fine."

And we just had to ask: Any famous folks or homophobic Republican politicians ever been spotted at his parties? Not like he'd tell us, but it never hurts to ask. . . .

Mike: The Love Boat captain
John Gilhooley
Mike: The Love Boat captain

"I don't think I've had any celebrities. Had a couple of porn stars, though. At least they said they were."

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