In Sound We Thrust

17 Songs to Make Bedsprings Sing

15. Bobby Byrd, "Hot Pants (I'm Coming, Coming, I'm Coming"). From the Snatch soundtrack, Byrd makes his boss James Brown sound like a shrinking violet here. This is all rock-hard urgency and potency, like a 19-year-old dude and a 35-year-old cougar bumping uglies 8 miles high in a 767 bathroom.

16. LCD Soundsystem, "Yeah (Crass Version)." The power of positive thinking leads to hours of restorative boinking. Epic disco punk with massive amounts of cowbell plonking and Roland 303 squelching. Yeah, indeed.

17. The Contortions, "Contort Yourself." Need something S&M-ish? The tightly torqued, no-wave funk of "Contort Yourself" should tie you into provocactive knots. "It's better than pleasure/It hurts more than pain/I've got what it takes/To drive you insane," James Chance barks. Ouch . . . mmmm.

A tight rhythm section is essential
A tight rhythm section is essential


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