'Don't be such a dick!'

Instead of bringing down the families and friends of the "accused," who are already devastated by what's happened, have more of an indifferent opinion. In short, don't be such a dick!

Jane Doe
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Gustavo Arellano's "The Renaissance Blob" (Jan. 11) didn't sit well with this reader.

Right out of the gate, you have to make it a racial thing. Stop with the pity-party, poor-Mexicans concept. I am so tired of pity-party planners that have to make everything about race, given all the programs for "Mexicans" and others that offer opportunities. Stop your crying and count your blessings! With all the crying and "poor me," wasting time and energy, you'd think the focus would be more toward benefits for ALL the people of Santa Ana, rather than making it a "poor Mexican" scenario. When I was young, all of Santa Ana downtown was black. Things changed when they adapted and changed with the city. They did not accuse anybody of driving out the poor black man.

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My father owns Paul's Deli. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the write-up you gave us in the Jan. 4 issue. It is great to see that even after almost 30 years of business, we are still generating some ink.

However, there are a few things that Gustavo Arellano got wrong about our little place. First of all, Mansour Mehdizadeh is not the owner; he is Paul's (the owner) older brother, who was a former wrestler, not a boxer. Also, the website he had listed is outdated. Our new website is www.pauls-deli.com.

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