Exit Poorman

Add KDOC to the long list of Jim Trenton's former employers

"He breached the contract, regardless of what he felt, and that's just bad business," Trenton responds. "It's not like I was in love with the Ron Jeremy ads; I'm just trying to make a living, and I was upfront when we made the deal. If he had a problem, he should have not put me on the air. If he had said no, I would have still been on KJLA," the station his show was on pre-KDOC. Trenton and his attorney are sending a letter to Ellis demanding payment of $20,000, the amount of lost revenue they believe is due. If Ellis declines, Trenton says, they will sue him.

Meanwhile, Bikini Beach fans will be pleased to know that the show has a new network lined up: KRCA Channel 62, a Spanish-language station that's home to such shows as Que Buena TV, Don Cheto and Jose Luis Sin Censura. However, don't expect Poorman en español-beginning Jan. 28, his will be the only English-language program on the network.

View the offending genital-wart-doctor ad online at, and decide for yourself if it went too far.

Jack Gould
Next for the Poorman: Bikini Beach en espaŮol?

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