Shoot to Thrill

Fast cars, naked women: Ed Dellis loves his work

The routine perfected, Dellis makes Bolanos do it five consecutive times to create a muscle memory. Then it's on to a "heel-and-toe" technique to keep the RPMs high and revving while stopped.

This is what the lad wanted to learn the most, and he seems to get it pretty quickly.

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Dellis: Speed freak
John Gilhooley
Dellis: Speed freak

Epilogue: In which a man who lives in the present looks to the future while quoting ancient Chinese philosophy.

Dellis believes that the need for alternative energy sources in cars will soon make obsolete the kind of loud, macho revving he loves, but car fanatics need not worry too much, he explains. "I got the privilege of driving in the Tesla Roadster up in the Bay Area. That was powered by an electric motor. And it was knockin' on the door of the Lister's performance," Dellis says. "The car was designed by Lotus. It's assembled here in the United States, and there are components from all over the world in that thing. But lithium-ion batteries power it, and it's got about a 200-mile range, and its 0-60, I think, is in the four-second range—so that's no slouch."

So guys who like their muscle cars will still have their options when we switch to alternative fuels?

"I think so. We may end up going out there and puttin' cards in our spokes so we can hear 'em—but for the most part, yeah."

Fast cars, beautiful nude women and athletes all over the country still ordering Personagrip. Does Ed Dellis have the best job in Orange County?

"What is it Confucius says? A man who loves what he does doesn't work a day in his life," Dellis says. "And that's one thing I've decided to do."

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