A year to remember

The following letter, which originally ran June 7, is in response to Nick Schou's May 18 piece, "Dude, Where's My Pot?"

Dude, what were you thinking? [This letter has been edited for space]Susan Kang Schroeder, public affairs counsel
Orange County district attorney's office
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This letter, which originally ran June 21, is in regards to Vickie Chang's June 14 Trendzilla, about guys who wear black graphic tees.

Thanks for the sarcasm. You must be one cool chick. I live in HB and have to live around these guys every day. I'm a 30-year-old guy who wears Levi's and does not have dragons and skulls on my tight shirt. On the occasion that I do wear a ballcap, I do have the bill slightly bent and not flat. And let me guess: You guys drink Corona. It's nice to hear of a lady that does not get off on these lame guys. Oh, yeah, and by the way, it's not cool to "trick out" a 1998 Ford Ranger. . . .Chris
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The following letter, which originally ran July 19, is in response to the coverage of Ashley MacDonald's "suicide" (Nick Schou's "Shoot First, Ask No Questions Later," Sept. 7, 2006; "Hey, Chief!" Nov. 9, 2006; "Fire at Will," Feb. 1; "Inside the Kill Zone," March 15; "Thanks for the Work!" April 5; and "Suicide by Cop 101," June 5).

I cannot get enough of your articles in relation to Ashley MacDonald. I swear I e-mailed your "Hey, Chief!" article to practically everyone I knew. Most of these people do not live in Huntington Beach, as I do, and they refuse to believe anything like that could happen in the so-called "Surf City." I personally have no clue what it must take to be a H.B. cop, nor do I believe that the mentality is limited. I am not the first person to catch them sleeping in their cars, and given the fact I was less than a block away from the park where Ashley was killed, I can only deduce you must have two mindsets—and only two—in order to make the cut at the H.B. Police Department: Lazy and Crazy. Nevertheless, I still do anything and everything I can to avoid the H.B. police for any reason. Keep the good stuff coming.Shawn Miars
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The following letter, which originally ran Aug. 2, is in response to R. Scott Moxley's July 12 article outlining the tale of a public masturbator extraordinaire named Nizameddine Hassan Chokr, who blames his woes on the women of Orange County and their amorous ways, "Who Is This Jerk-Off?"

You are brilliant! My friends and I are thoroughly entertained and moved by your article about Mr. Chokr's victimization. We are so moved, in fact, that we are launching a "Free Chokr" campaign. T-shirts are being printed as we speak. Ballcaps will bear the insignia EHW (evil horny women). Thank you for bringing Mr. Chokr's plight to our attention. We feel it is our duty to right this most egregious wrong.

A New Fan and her Friends,Annalee Cappello
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This letter, which originally ran Oct. 4, has some things to say about our Sept. 21 Best of OC issue.

Knucka, please! OC Weekly, you trippin'. Why half yo list in the LBC? Last I checked, the county line was the 605. Stop frontin' on me, or I'ma bust a drive-by from Seal Beach to Mission Viejo, recognize! You ain't a real place, and you never will be. You can't front culture, or, in yo case, just jack it. To quote the homey, Leche: "You want the coolness of a real city but not its trappings (crime, gangs, graffiti, black people, etc.)." THAT IS CALLED FRONTIN' IN MY HOOD, HOMEY! Watch yo back.Ky-Phong Tran
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The following letter, which originally ran Oct. 25, is in response to a series of stories by R. Scott Moxley including the April 26, 2006, article, "Dirty, Stupid or Both."

Rico [Rick Rizzolo] is a good man. . . . Has no ties to your so-called La Cosa Nostra. As a friend, I would appriciate [sic] if you would stop with the unnececery [sic] articles and slender [sic] of his name. . . .Georgio Gambino Panagiotou
Los Angeles

R. Scott Moxley responds: Rick Rizzolo is a convicted felon and ex-Las Vegas titty-bar owner who, according to FBI surveillance, is tied to organized-crime bosses and hit men. I exposed Rizzolo's relationship with Sheriff Michael S. Carona and will continue to report on local corruption.

The following letter, which originally ran Nov. 8, concerns R. Scott Moxley's ongoing coverage of Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona, pre- and post-indictment.

Moxley, I am truly impressed. For years, I've read about Sheriff Mike Carona's wrongdoings in your paper and have become more and more infuriated with him in every new story. When I woke up Tuesday morning and saw the headline on the front page of The Orange County Register, I nearly wept. This is the first step of many to come in the march for justice here in Orange County. I salute you, Moxley. You do fine work, and you're a fine reporter.Trevor Clarke
Dana Point

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