A year to remember

The following letter originally ran Jan. 4.

Why does the Weakly [sic] publish letters from total dumb fucks who go on to praise your columnists or tell you how funny you are? Does this somehow make your work better? Sometimes, your articles are funny, interesting, etc., etc. But who fucking cares what some moron thinks about your paper/authors? You guys are assholes for printing those self-serving letters, and it's embarrassing for those of us who have to read them. Fuck you.M.A.
Newport Beach

The following letter originally ran Feb. 1.

If you would enlighten me, what would inspire you to refer to Mr. [Jeff] Andrade as a pedophile [Gustavo Arellano's "McKnight Fall," Jan. 26]? Other than the typical reporter mentality of throwing their mother under the bus just to get a story? If I read the article correctly, the girl was 15 at the time, correct? I'm looking forward to hearing a response from the author and contributor.J
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Gustavo Arellano responds:You're right, J. 15-year-olds aren't children. I meant to call Andrade a "statutory student rapist." My apologies.

The following letter originally ran March 15.

I would like to thank the OC Weekly, especially Nick Schou, for taking an interest in what has happened to my daughter Andrea Nelson ["Girl On Film," March 8]. It's shocking to me that the police and Orange County authorities have not taken the same interest as your magazine has.Linda Cator
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The following letter, which originally ran March 15, pertains to Gustavo Arellano's March 1 This Hole-in-the-Wall Life, on restaurant Union Jack Fish & Chips, in which Arellano states Cadbury chocolate makes Hershey seem as "bland as spackle."

Please note that Spackle is a registered trademark of the Muralo company. Please note this in future articles when referring to Spackle.James Norton, worker
Muralo Company


The following letter, which originally ran April 12, concerns Gustavo Arellano's March 29 "interview" with Mickey Mouse, "The Ratón That Roared," on Disney's battle with the city of Anaheim over control of property immediately surrounding Disneyland.

This article is CRAP. This interview never happened, and falsifying information in that way is wrong for so many reasons. Mickey Mouse is a household name. It's like slandering Jesus; you just don't do it. I love your magazine, but this really pissed me off. I hope Disney sues. I feel you should write a retractment [sic] statement and make things right.Tahra
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This next letter, which originally ran April 19, is in regards to Nick Schou's April 5 open letter to District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, Sheriff Mike Carona, and the police chiefs and mayors of every Orange County city (except Laguna Niguel), "Thanks for the Work!"

As usual with the OC Weekly, this article sucks donkey dick. Keep up the great "investigative" reporting and fighting against liberty and security.Anonymous
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The following letter, which originally ran May 3, pertains to Gustavo Arellano's April 24 story concerning Bishop Tod Brown's undisclosed molestation accusation, "Nailed?"

I've finally figured out your purpose in life: What you do is try (as best you can) to assassinate the character of the Catholic bishops of California, or more specifically, Orange County. Well, go ahead. I'll still keep sending Bishop Brown money for his cathedral, his schools and parishes, and any other projects he has in mind. The more you dig up fanciful or made-up stories, the more resolute I become in my Catholicism. Keep up the good work!Michael Sorrell
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The following letter, which originally ran May 10, pertains to Gustavo Arellano's May 4 story, "Almost Famoso," on the release of his book¡Ask a Mexican!

"The Mexican" can be witty and insightful sometimes. But his bashing of Guatemalans has to stop. I'm all for the occasional gibe, but he has shown nothing but pure hatred. His disgusting, Mexican-flavored, xenophobic humor is not funny anymore, and now with national exposure, it might turn into something less palatable—illegal, or at the very least actionable. If he represents what Mexicans in Orange County, California, think about Guatemalans, I say deport those motherfuckers and limit their interactions with the more civilized.El Gordo
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The following letter originally ran May 24.

I currently subscribe to The Orange County Register. For the past week, I have been receiving the [Register's] OC Post also free of charge. Thank you, but I do not want the OC Post, so please stop delivering it. A few months ago, we were away on vacation and had canceled the OC Register. When we got home, we had numerous copies of the OC Post, although we didn't order it, on our driveway. This allows people to know we are out of town and makes our home a target for break-in. I called the OC Post's offices and explained my concerns and told them, do not send the paper. It stopped for a while, but now it's back. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE EDITIONS OF THE OC POST.Susan Newman
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