'All credibility has just gone down the drain'

John is a dear and longtime friend. He has been performing for years and has entertained millions. He is a great man and enjoys what he does thoroughly. I'm glad someone finally took the time to give him an interview and observe his performance. It is a bit strange, but it attracts people from all around. Thank you for projecting him as an artist and performer, as that is what he truly is. Keep doing what you're doing, Lucky John!
Molli Raef
Seal Beach


Your Dec. 13 story about Tosh being dead was amusing [Nick Schou's "Final Flight of Fancy," about ex-CIA pilot Tosh Plumlee's rumored death]. I knew from Day One his death wasn't factual. I've had conversations with Tosh throughout the years about Dallas. Even at 70 or so, Tosh lives his life in the world of shadows and mirrors . . . in his mind. Regardless of what he says, he enjoys the publicity he still receives, and I, for one, believe the stories of his death were of his own doing.
Paul May
Atlanta, Georgia


In our review of the Crow Bar and Kitchen (Edwin Goei's "Eating Crow," Dec. 14), the chef's first and last names were reversed. His name is Scott Brandon. The Weekly regrets the error.

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