OC's Scariest People

Our Congressional delegation tops this year’s list of 33 villains (31 for October, plus two more to get to the Dia de los Muertos, ese)

That's why Callahan's recent bout of braggadocio in the Jeff Andrade case—in which the diocese defended an admitted statutory rapist at Mater Dei High School—is so funny: He boasted to the press he was ready to go to trial despite mountains of evidence against his clients. And when another victim tried to argue with Callahan, he shot back, "You had your press conference yesterday." Bad Petey! MITIGATING FACTOR: The ringtone on Callahan's cell phone? The Notre Dame fight song.


The Arizona-based company is one of the top high-school fund-raisers in the United States, with many accounts with Orange County prep schools. It also proudly employs a statutory rapist. During the summer, Varsity Gold held a conference at Irvine's Hyatt Regency, where a keynote speaker was Jeff Andrade, a former Mater Dei High School boys' basketball coach who admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old student during the mid-1990s but is now a regional sales manager for the organization. When survivors of Catholic Church sex abuse protested outside the hotel, Varsity Gold officials confronted them and defended their man—that is, when not emphasizing that he no longer visits schools. MITIGATING FACTOR: Public education is in dire need of funds.

Illustration by Votan.
Illustration by Votan.


When he was 21 years old, Patrick Daniel Piceno—horny and drunk—didn't have money to rent a Harbor Boulevard hooker. Instead, he stalked, raped and brutally beat a tiny 73-year-old Vietnamese American grandmother in a Garden Grove parking lot. His defense? Yes, I beat her. Yes, I wanted to rape her, but I didn't. I couldn't "get it up." Odd, then, how his sperm was found deep in the vagina of the woman, who was found unconscious next to a Dumpster. In July, Piceno won a 23-years-to-life trip to a California prison cell. MITIGATING FACTOR: There are some Asian gangsters in California prisons.


Public Enemy Number One (PENI) Death Squad members fret about keeping a ruthless-thug image. They stain themselves with pro-Nazi tattoos and spew pro-Hitler rhetoric. They view reality through a methamphetamine haze. They laugh at their own demise. Sure, Michael Lamb, you're a tough guy going away to prison for life, if not San Quentin State Prison's notorious Death Row. But that's not why you make our list. Mike, you affectionately called Jacob Rump—your cohort in PENI crime—your "Right Butt Cheek," and he called you his "Left Butt Cheek." MITIGATING FACTOR: We hear guards pipe Elton John tunes into certain prison cells at dusk.


Here's a real-life plot for a horror flick: Huntington Beach high-school girl dates upperclassman, becomes pregnant, gets married, moves to a Nevada hellhole, endures husband's cheating with whores, moves back to Orange County, happily begins dating a co-worker. Husband—John Angel Salcida—follows wife back to OC, beats and rapes her, then demands to know if her new boyfriend has a bigger penis. Apparently, he didn't like the answer. Early one morning, he entered the new couple's residence and used a hammer and knife to kill 18-year-old Sergio Ojeda, who suffered gruesome wounds to his genitals. Then, Salcida casually walked into a bathroom where his estranged wife was running bath water and said, "He's dead. I killed him." He beat and raped the girl again. MITIGATING FACTOR: This year, state court of appeal justices told Salcida to go fuck himself.


How scary is the prospect of a dirty cop sitting as the top law-enforcement officer in OC? In June, the well-regarded Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit—comprising 250 police agencies in four countries—voted to block Carona's access to the group's Mafia files based on our sheriff's associations with Rick Rizzolo, a Las Vegas titty-bar owner and reputed mob associate, and con man Joseph Medawar, a Lebanese native Carona incredibly let film top-secret anti-terrorism training. After Carona's ties to the men emerged in OC Weekly, both Rizzolo and Medawar were convicted of federal crimes and incarcerated. MITIGATING FACTOR: The self-styled Christian conservative with lofty political ambitions is squeaky-clean compared to some of the people who do his dirty work.


Okay, guys get upset with their girlfriends or wives and yell. Some men will go so far as to make threats. Sadly, others strike out. But how many men in a dispute knock a woman to the ground, choke her, pull his pants down, squat his ass over the woman's face and threaten to take a crap? We only know of one—and we use this term loosely—person: Roy Lee Morton. This year, the rapist and serial woman-beater unsuccessfully demanded that his conviction be overturned, in part, because his girlfriend had caused the violence by nagging him while he watched a porno in an Orange apartment. MITIGATING FACTOR: Morton will have time to learn his first skill before he emerges from prison after 2013.


No matter the story, the comments eventually boil down to the evils of Mexicans. Just look at some of the crap left regarding an August piece on the resignation of longtime Register publisher N. Christian Anderson III: "How about losing the pro-immigration bias this paper has. Read the comments people post."

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