"You had me with you until your last paragraphy where you wrote: 'His balls were much, much bigger than any of ours.' "


I like this article [Nick Schou's Nov. 24, 2000 feature, "The El Cargadero Social Club" about how a Mexican ghost town lives on in Anaheim]. It's very complete. I didn't know anything about El Cargadero. I didn't even know it existed! I'm from Jerez but my parents are from Anaheim. It's a very nice place.

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The following letter is in reference to Rich Kane's Sept. 7, 2001 article "Springboard for Hitler," about Anaheim's The Shack doubling as a Nuremberg-rally central for OC racists.

I would just like to do the honor of standing up for my father, and my uncle Bob. The thing about the situation is you only heard one-side of the story. People have the tendency to be so into the drama that they don't get the whole story. Even though this happened a long time ago it still truly bothers me because I know the truth. You guys do not know the whole truth because you certainly didn't report it.

Yes, I completely understand where people come from with hating these people, and the last thing I would want to do is defend them. Their beliefs might be wrong, but by writing articles like this you are doing the same thing as them: discriminating. I personally have met the people who attended the shows in the article. Being younger I was extremely curious too. They were very explanatory about everything. But I do have a question: Can you please explain to me that if these people are as racist as you say, how can they possibly love my family as much as they do? We are not white. My dad was full Lebanese.

They were not racist towards us at all. And even to this day they are still people that respect us and would do anything for us. I would just like to let you know that John Terbay and Bob Gibson were amazing people. They didn't discriminate against anyone.

It's sad to read this article. You make them seem like two horrible people. I wrote this letter to stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves. John and Bob have since both passed away. And sometimes I find myself just searching their names to read about them. It really is heartbreaking when I do a Google search and only find bad things, because they did so many good things for people.

Katie Terbay
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