"If Urell really were a shepherd for his flock, they—and not himself—would have been his main concern."

Thank you guys very much for the write-up as the best Dance Club. We've worked hard for it, and we appreciate your kindness. Only one thing: You are showing our website as, but it isn't .com. It should be changed to (like in United States!). Thanks very much for correcting this.

Vickie Chang's critique of that long-ago Details article [Trendzilla, Sept. 21] is spot-on, but she should have gone further. That magazine's "Gay or (some other group)" feature is the worst column in American print today. Asian-American advocacy groups should've taken a stand for everyone and demanded that Details scrap the entire concept. Instead, we got an apology and the continuation of that gay-or-not bullshit.


Let's see what's been hanging around in Gustavo's mailbag. This first letter is in regard to a comment made in the Sept. 14 edition of Letters, in which a reader rants about negative letters about ¡Ask a Mexican!

On Miguel's comment, I'm actually surprised that OC Weekly would print such a racist, hateful diatribe! If this were reversed and a white guy were so disturbed as to wish death to ANY other race, you never would have printed it! The entire letter was written by a very disturbed individual regarding a letter written six months ago to ¡Ask a Mexican! I felt physically ill after reading 'Miguel's' rantings—it's sad to know that hateful, creepily-disturbed people like him actually exist in the world, much less in this country! We can only hope he commits a crime (hopefully not a violent one—yeah, right!) and gets deported SOON!

The following letter is in response to Pocha's e-mail about the Aug. 16edición of ¡Ask a Mexican!

About the so-called study in which they sent Americans who were collecting unemployment to pick strawberries, and they all quit within a week. I don't recall a study to that effect. However, when I was a senior in high school back in 1981, I remember watching a news item on a local TV channel similar to what Pocha was describing. In the news segment, "la migra" had just rounded up a group of illegal immigrants from a field, and Americans drawing unemployment were put in their place working the field. As I recall, by the end of the day, ALL of the Americans had quit! What made this ironic is that during the 1980 presidential campaign, Reagan promised to do something about both illegal immigration and unemployment, and this "program" of having unemployed Americans taking jobs that were being done in the agricultural fields by illegals was going to be Reagan's way of keeping those two promises.

We just got this one regarding an olllld ¡Ask a Mexican!—May 5, 2006—in which a light-skinned Mexican lamented the "racism" he experienced from darker-skinned Mexicans.

I, too, am a light-skinned Mexican, pale with light eyes, and I have noticed that we are the minority in the USA. But not on Mexican television. So many ignorant people think all Mexicans look the same, but if they had any education, they would know of our mixed race! Yes, a lot of dark-skinned Mexicans don't like light-skinned Mexicans because they've always been portrayed as more beautiful, and that's what you see on Mexican television. Don't hate on us. We are all Mexican. We just all have different mixtures. Mine and others just happen to be more Spanish. But we are all Mexican and loving it!

In the article "Bad Moves" in the Sept. 28 issue, the name of Monsignor John Urell's lawyer was given incorrectly. His name is Patrick Hennessey. The Weekly regrets the error.

In the article "Recall Madness!" in the Aug. 24 issue, the year of Orange Unified School District Trustee Steve Rocco's arrest was incorrect. He was arrested in 1980. The Weekly regrets the error.

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