Add in a completely substandard produce section and meat that I could find cheaper elsewhere, and you have the perfect storm of crap

Editor's Note: Bloodless coup. February-ish. What, you missed it?

All I have to say is, the people who voted for Starbucks as Best Coffee are a bunch of fucking idiots. Why is it the best—because there are so many of them around? Their coffee tastes like shit. I would rather go to McDonalds and get coffee than go to Starbucks! I will never support such a shitty company!

God bless the OC Weekly. Just when I was up to the hilt in distaste for all things "Orange County"(Newport Beach; tight-fitting men's clubbing shirts; blond-haired, blue-eyed wannabe top models; dropping 20 bucks to get into clubs where everyone thinks they're the next cast member of Laguna Beach), there sits OC Weekly to remind me that good taste, art, music, and independent, not-so-superficial thinking exists in this county. Now, if I can only find where your reader base hangs out . . .

[Readers' Poll Winners] Sol-T [Best Local Hip-Hop Artist] and Matt Costa [Best Live Band] deserved these accolades. They have been doing it for way too long, and I'm overall pleased with all your choices. Some of the food places have made me barf in the past, but hey, the people will find that out on their own!


Do you guys even proofread this stuff? [Best of OC 2007, Sept. 21] It's Leyna Nguyen, not Leena.


Thank you for your kind remarks [Luke Y. Thompson's "Better Than Okay," Sept. 14] regarding my short film, Gay Zombie, at Huntington Beach's SoCal Independent Film Fest. It's great to have that kind of press. Only problem: You said I was Michael Swann—I'm Michael Simon!

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