"Don't be hating on Latinas because you can't get like them, all pretty and beautiful"

In a letter to Mother Superior Katherine Gray, chairwoman of the SJHS Board of Trustees, 61 Orange County St. Joseph network employees said, "Many of us have tried to work with the established structures at our hospitals and clinics and have found that they just don't provide real solutions. The so-called 'direct relationship' between employees and management is not real. The SJHS mission statement is not applied to us in our day-to-day work lives. Our experience with the Employee Councils is that concerns we raise are rarely, if ever, acted upon. In fact, St. Joseph's employees raised a workplace-safety issue in a pathology-department committee and for 13 months have been waiting for a remedy. Meanwhile, employees continue to work in a situation described by state regulators as unsafe."

Also from that letter: "When health insurance co-pays increased and the cost for ER visits doubled for all of us, none of us had any say in the matter at all."

Management, for its part, disagrees: "When you have an employee workforce of close to 20,000, you have a situation where employees have different opinions and different views, and we address that," says Bill Murin, senior vice president and chief human resources officer for St. Joseph Health Network. "When you have 20,000 employees, you have issues that you have to deal with every day. We balance that with the fact that we've been recognized as a great place to work. I can't imagine a sister interacting with an employee inconsistent with our code of conduct, or with our mission, because this embraces what they're all about."

An update to the story: St. Joseph employee David Cox said a subsequent meeting between a dozen or so network employees and Murin was congenial. However, he and the group of employees will continue the attempt for a meeting with Sister Gray, whom they feel is the only person who can change the network's policy regarding their election process.

This letter is in response to . . . uh, we're not sure, actually.

There will be two Friday the 13th's this year.

Any time you want to share money with me, I will cooperate with you on writing stuff.

Obviously, it comes out better with cooperation. And if you are really nice, you might get laid. And I might get out of jail, and we can get another TV-show contract.

The way everyone has done things so far is criminal and stupid. If we cooperate, we get ahead; if we don't, we never will. Try it.
T.P. Barney
Massachusetts Correctional Institution


A Sept. 7 article by Derek Olson titled "Get in the Cage" incorrectly stated that Ultimate Fighting Championship purchased fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's contract from Pride Fighting Championships. His contract was actually purchased from World Fighting Alliance. The Weekly regrets the error.

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