I hate Mexicans

Little Saigon is unlike any other city in Orange County, and knowing that there are people like Officer Damon Tucker and DA Tony Rackauckas out there doing such a good job of infiltrating these types of rings gives the other residents of this city hope that we will one day be rid of some of the underground criminal activity that runs rampant in Westminster.

Thanks to you and them for jobs well-done!

The following letter is in regard to Edwin Goei's "Mexican Evolution," a glowing review of El Matador Restaurant in our Aug. 30 issue.

El Matador is our favorite restaurant. The new owners did a remarkable job tying the two sides together. The sign that takes up a whole wall is the original sign from 30 years ago. The art behind the bar is from Mexico. They deserve nothing but praise for the effort they have shown. The chef has been there for 25 years. The customers wanted the old side to stay the same, and the new side complements the old side nicely. Everyone I know that has been a longtime customer of El Matador loves it. The only complaint might be that it is too busy now. Your article did not give El Matador the review they deserve.


I just found Gustavo Arellano's June 9, 2006, article on the topic of the citrus industry ["Gunkist Oranges" about the Citrus War of 1936]. I really enjoyed it, as so little has been written on this, and it's a story that should be told.


Thanks for the article about MC/producer Sol-T [Rex Reason's Aural Reports, July 5]. I've had the opportunity to hang out with Sol on a few occasions, and his creativity and talent always shine through. He's a clever lyricist and an incredibly dedicated artist.

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