"At least now we know that the 'new' weekly is picking up a bunch of non-gay, non-liberal readers"

The following letter pertains to Conor Izzett's Aug. 9 article, "Prescription for Progression," about the Rx Bandits.

The beginning of this article is so wrong that it hurts to read the words. "Rx Bandits are the best band to come out of Orange County in the past 10 years." Wow. I'm sorry. Please don't insult OC like that ever again. First of all, they are a ska band; ska hasn't been popular since the '90s, and even then, it wasn't that great. Secondly, that's your opinion, NOT a fact. What about "real" bands that actually headline tours and are part of REAL tours such as Atreyu and Bleeding Through? They are way bigger and way better. Not to mention that both are local, born and raised in OC. Please get your facts straight before publishing this crap. Please don't have Conor Izzett write anymore. It makes me not want to read OC Weekly anymore. I'm better off reading the Weekly World News and getting facts from that than from Conor's so called "articles."Dbizzal
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The following letter is in regard to Derek Olson's Aug. 2 article, "Litigating It Old-School," about former Chapman instructors using a Civil War-era law in their multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the university.

Nice "light" journalism. Why not mention which campuses these professors previously taught at, for starters? Maybe you could have interviewed other instructors, students or administrators to find out how prevalent this is.

I have no problem with this legal complaint being addressed and given its due process, but it sure sounds like these ex-profs have an ax to grind (not necessarily unusual in higher education). When you consider that one featured in the article has a wrongful-termination suit pending, that ax becomes that much more apparent. This case certainly sounds like one that should—and very possibly will be—thrown out of court.

When I attended Chapman, I took more than a dozen courses there to complete my degree and was almost never allowed to leave early. However, I also took some classes at University of Phoenix, which was much more of a joke regarding academic standards.

I realize these allegations come against one particular master's degree program, but for my undergrad, the vast majority of my Chapman instructors insisted we stay the entire time the class was scheduled with no real exceptions. They knew if they didn't, they could be disciplined or worse. A few regularly made a deal with us students to allow for one break instead of the scheduled two and let the class out 20 or 30 minutes early as a result. This is perfectly within the rules. At least one of my professors actually kept us past 10 p.m. about half the time.

I certainly can't vouch for "20 years ago," but I graduated in 2006, so I know of what I speak.
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In the cover story of the Aug. 17 issue ("Red Scare in Little Saigon"), the name of Garden Grove school board member Trung Nguyen is misspelled. Also, he should have been referred to as "Nguyen" on second reference. The Weekly regrets the error.

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