'What is this nonsense? Geek goes to San Diego+geek buys toys=cover story?'

You guys need to change your focus. Stop running such fucking bullshit on the cover and start covering more NEWS that impacts people of this county. The paper is fading. It breaks my heart. The OC Weekly needs editorial change and you should start with Thompson. FIRE THAT FUCKING NERD. He is making your paper look like a dork rag. Please save yourselves before it's too late. I'm begging you.
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Comic-Con? Come on, guys. Seriously? This is terrible.
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I need to request another copy of the Comic-Con issue. NEED to! I live in LA and have been a huge LYT fan for about three years now. The drawing of him is freaking great—needs a few pounds added, but freaking great!!!
James Avallone
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Edwin Goei recently visited 118 Degrees in our first five weeks of being open. After reading the review ["Raw Power," Aug. 10], I am very sad to report that he stated several things in the article incorrectly.

Your article cites the following: "The kitchen seemed to work on a whim, improvising their dishes with ingredients not often listed on the menu. The macadamia coconut curry wrap, for instance, had more hummus that oozed out of the curry-brushed whole-wheat wrapper." The description for this item on the menu is as follows: "Sweet yellow curry combines with coconut and fresh farmers market vegetables. Topped with spicy red sauce."

We have no hummus in our kitchen, and on top of that, we are a wheat-free kitchen (really important to our customers who are highly allergic to wheat).

Our wrap is actually made from the flesh of young Thai coconuts, as is the filling. The wrap takes two day to make; we make it from scratch in our commercial kitchen. It is not a whole-wheat wrap whatsoever—which is actually impossible to make raw. The filling is far from hummus: It is made from pine nuts and coconut with fresh veggies.

I feel that restaurants should be reviewed fairly, and I have no issues if he was less than impressed with the items that he chose to review. However, I do think that truth in conveying a message is very important. There are several things he misrepresented in this article that go against the core of the food we are offering. He should have done his homework first. Raw-foods preparation is an entirely different world than its cooked, vegan counterpart. If Edwin had taken the time to learn about what we were offering, he would have at least gotten the ingredients in his article correct and potentially learned something new.
Jenny Ross
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Edwin Goei responds: I certainly erred on the "hummus" and "whole wheat" in the wrap dish at 118 Degrees. I do stand by my general—and generally positive—impression of the place.

The following letter is in response to Andy Beta's Aug. 9 "Daydream Believer Nation," about some of the Monkees' prefabricated music attaining classic status.

"Although they split with Svengali 'musical supervisor' Don Kirshner and learned to write their own tunes (hello, Kelly Clarkson!) . . ."

How about: Hello, Andy Beta? Kelly Clarkson is an award-winning songwriter. How come everyone thinks she can't write? She wrote "Because of You," "Behind These Hazel Eyes," "Walk Away" and "Miss Independent." "My December" is actually an amazing album, but no one is giving it a listen because they're reading comments like yours and assuming she can't write. Anyway, great article.

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