'Homosexuality is unnatural, defined by the Bible as a sin and is unhealty physically, mentally and socially for those who choose to live that lifestyle'

Having grown up in LA, my family and I drove the 405 to see my grandmother in Laguna Hills through what was then 60 miles of orange fields. The OC was literally a grove. Because of these trips and the Mexicans we met closer to home, I forced myself to learn Spanish to be able to communicate. Now I will forever have that bilingual gift that my neighbors helped me strive for. It has been a tremendous help in my life, as I have met great friends in not only Mexico, Spain and parts of South America—but also here in NYC with the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. Knowing Spanish has opened doors for me in the business world, too. Part of the reason I wanted to learn Spanish was because there was no article like ¡Ask a Mexican! back then, and I was fascinated by la cultura. I figured this was the best way to get closer to learn more—which it did. Perhaps now your critics will realize what a service you are offering. Keep it up!

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