'Homosexuality is unnatural, defined by the Bible as a sin and is unhealty physically, mentally and socially for those who choose to live that lifestyle'

Would you deem AA to be wrongfully attempting to suppress alcoholism because some members do not succeed with the program? What about repeat sexual offenders, murderers, etc.? Systems that don't bring about rehabilitation must be after the wrong thing because released inmates sometimes return to their former ways.

Homosexuality is unnatural; defined by the Bible as a sin (missing the mark of God's requirement); and is unhealthy physically, mentally and socially for those who choose to live that lifestyle. Everyone is born with tendencies to act contrary to what is moral, right and good. We all have urges to control, reasons to deny ourselves and thoughts to bring captive to the obedience of Christ. Whatever happened to repentance? We are all sinners required to live a life of repentance—a changing of our mind, a deciding to do what is right and good, a denial of our sinful desires. I would choose the term "repentant homosexual," rather than "ex-gay" or "straight-identified." But why the labels anyway? Jesus wants us to be who we are—in Him. In Him, we are a NEW creation, we are FORGIVEN, we are REDEEMED, we are a CHILD OF GOD. When we receive this as truth, accept ourselves in this light, and realize we are free to live a sinless life by grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, we walk by faith and live with dignity.

The following letter is in regards to the Aug. 3 Hey, You! column, titled "Soul Shakedown," which depicted the step-by-step images of a hood handshake accompanied by the story of how one went horribly wrong.

I bet I am not the first to point this out, but your graphics are out of order and 25 percent MIA. The second image should be in the first position, and vice versa. I am sad to also report that the third image should be in the fourth position. The missing third image should show fingers hooked and locked, four to four, with the fellow handshaker's corresponding fingers. Can you get the graphics person to do a correction? Otherwise, don't let years go by before YOU apologize! Or, don't shake people's hands anymore—just to be safe!

Also, just for the record, I pick up the OC Weekly every Thursday afternoon at the Chipotle in Lakewood, and I sit down with a big salad and read Hey, You!, ¡Ask a Mexican! and Savage Love, in that order. It is the best-tasting meal of the week. Thanks!

The letter below is in response to the July 12 Hey, You! titled "White Power Bitch," sent by a very angry man who threatens to stab a racist woman who slapped him at a bar.

I fully understand the purpose of the Hey, You! column, but I can't for the life of me read half of the articles without feeling outraged. The one I just read about the writer wanting to stab the person showing off their tats and expressing their views was awful.

If there is any way you can send a reply to this person on my behalf? Please let them know I have suggested they just bloody stab them because you are no better than them if you're on here slagging people off but won't say it to their face. In short, "Do something about it!"


The new OC Weekly sucks!!!!!!!! Where are the articles about worker's rights and labor?

The following letters were sent in response to Gustavo Arellano's July 27 article, "Fading Away to Nada," which, accompanied by photos, explained some of Orange County's lost Chicano murals.

I knew the artist that did the work of art on Raitt Street and Chestnut. His name was Sergio O'Cadiz. He is a published artist who did the façade on the Santa Ana City Council building. His name can be seen from the bottom of the steps leading to the City Council chambers. You can see his other works of art in the Smithsonian Institute. Sergio died a few years ago; these murals serve as a remembrance.

In reading your piece on the Chicano murals, I think you may have forgotten a couple by Vasquez. First, in Anaheim at the cross streets of Broadway and Harbor, there is the large mural on the back wall of the liquor store. It is across from Little Peoples Park. The second is located at the Salvation Army on Cypress, also in Anaheim. The last, but certainly not the least, is located on the bridge off Lemon [in Fullerton], right past the AMC theater. Keep up the good work.

Editor's Note:
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Sunday morning here in New York City, and I just read the article about ¡Ask a Mexican!'s Gustavo Arellano in The New York Times. Well-done for your efforts! I think it's a great idea and a chance for you to debunk some of the misconceptions in a clever way—a fun yet pointed way.

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